Press Release January 28, 2021
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Trump Had Rolled Back 100 Rules and Regulations

Independent Voters of Illinois Supports the President’s Executive Orders and Initiatives on Climate Change

The State Board of the Independent Voters of Illinois (IVI) expresses support for the executive orders issued by President Biden to counter climate change. These actions are in agreement with the established and long-held policy of the IVI regarding legislation concerning the environment and energy.  

During the Trump administration, in contrast, nearly 100 environmental rules were officially reversed, revoked or otherwise rolled back.

By way of background, the newly-elected president is mapping out a more aggressive strategy to deal with the crisis than any of his predecessors. Former secretary of state John Kerry was named as an international climate envoy, and former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy as a national climate adviser. Biden rejoined the Paris agreement on climate change, a treaty within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The United States had formally exited after President Trump withdrew in 2017.

Joseff Carr, Chair of the IVI State Board, stated that “The IVI has a history of supporting environmental legislation at the federal, state and local levels, ranging from the energy policy, water resources, to recycling. The organization also, for example, has endorsed candidates of the Illinois Green Party, and did so in the 2020 election.”

Charles Paidock, Chairs of the National Affairs Committee, added that “The IVI will be notifying members of the Illinois delegation to the 117th Congress to applaud the efforts of the President on various ecological issues which have been neglected for too long. The cancellation of various pipeline projects is particularly important since these would have run through Illinois.”

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