The People's Response Network (PRN) to Covid-19
Rally, Press Conference, Testify: Wednesday, July 28 @ 9:30 am, Chicago Public Schools, 42 W. Madison

                                                        Protect Our Children, Families, Communities & Workers 
                                                        NOW from COVID Delta Variant
                                                        Schools Must be Safe Before We Send Our Children Back: 
                                                        School Vaccines NOW Before August 30th

NO SHOTS                 
NO MASKS               
NO CLEAN AIR         

U.S. COVID cases have doubled in the last week due to the DELTA VARIANT. Hospitalizations are up 20%. The highest rates of infection are among people under 30 years old.

57% of Chicago’s whites, 44% of Latinos, 34% of African Americans are Vaccinated. African American & Latino workers, students and families are at higher risk for COVID infections, hospitalizations and death.

Only 30,000 of 190,000 Chicago 12-18 year olds have been vaccinated for COVID. CPS has 3 schools open 4 hours a week for student & family vaccines, while Los Angeles has had 21 schools open 10 hours each day since May.

200,000 more Chicago children ages 5-11 years old will be eligible for COVID vaccines in September

Chicago says it OK for vaccinated students to not wear masks in school even though fully vaccinated people can get COVID and transmit it to others. All students, teachers & staff in ALL California schools MUST wear masks.

CPS has never proved it has 6 fresh air room changes per hour or HEPA filters in any room in any school, even though both are needed to prevent COVID spreading.

The People’s Response Network (PRN) Demands:
1. Use federal funds to put a full-time nurse in every school
2. Require masks for everyone inside a school
3. Open schools 11 AM to 7 PM daily for vaccines for everyone, 11 years old+
4. HEPA filters & 6 fresh air room changes in every room of every school
5. Six foot social distance in every room for students, staff & teachers
6. Weekly covid tests of those not vaccinated, monthly tests for those vaccinated
7. Contact tracing & financial, housing, food, family support for all positive cases 
    who most quarantine or isolate x 2 weeks

What You Can Do?
1. Come to our Rally; Testify to Chicago Board of Education; Speak at 
    Our Press Conference
2. Give this flyer to & talk with CPS students, parents, staff, teachers, 
    principals, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers
3. Put this on the agenda of LSC, BAC, CTU, SEIU, Principal 
    Meetings: organize youth, parents, teachers, staff meetings
4. Call CPS’ Director Jose Torres: 773-553-1000 / Board President 
    Miguel del Valle: (312) 744-8590 / CTU President Jesse Sharkey: 
    312-329-4100 / SEIU President Dian Palmer 312-787-5868 
5. Email flyer & put it on social media
6. Attend our Weekly Zoom Meetings: Every Wednesday @ 5 pm-7 pm:
    Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 834 6520 8585
    Dial from any phone: 312 626 6799 Meeting ID: 834 6520 8585 and/or set up a meeting with your     organization & PRN

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