Letter to the Editor
published in the Chicago Tribune
on June 5, 2021
Voter Suppression and Crazy Conspiracy Theories of Vote Fraud have No Place in the Political Process 

Voter suppression legislation, and spreading crazy conspiracy theories of alleged vote fraud, have no place in the political process. The effects of these actions undermine valid national election results regardless of what state they take place in. Instead of focusing on issues that genuinely merit attention, elected officials are consumed with confrontations, across the country, on a none-existent problem.

Concerned citizens have spent many years in civic organizations such as the Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO), working to bring about good government. Those who chose to do so campaigned for and contributed towards electing responsible officials. The general level of conversation was of quality, however it has recently deteriorated into discussion of topics such as the use of bamboo ballots from Asia. Today the focus seems to have drifted away into some mythical place.

For every year that I can remember there was alarm that so few people bothered even to vote, and elections were being determined by a minority of the electorate. In the recent past elections this decline in civic participation appeared to be ending. Certain individuals, both within and outside of government, however, have taken it upon themselves to counter the increase in voter turnout, for what appears to be particular political reasons. Absent genuine instances of voting concerns, fictional ones were invented and spread to foster doubt about voting at all. On occasion these concerns seemed to be even strange.

It is my hope that elected officials come forward to reverse this process, and counter those who would harm the electoral process if the results of it were not what they wanted. Voters of every persuasion should demand that the parties to which they may have affiliation discourage giving voice to any discredited allegations.

Charles Paidock
National Affairs Committee Chair
Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization